ritz pets inn doggy day care

Thousands of pet owners work all day, and this requires leaving their dog home alone all day. Often these owners come home to a lonely dog with excessive energy waiting to be released. As dog owners ourselves, we feel that doggy daycares are an excellent alternative to keeping our dogs cooped up at home alone all day. So, we created a clean, safe, cage-free, outdoor-like facility for dog owners to keep their furry family member while they go off to work.

We are a fully-staffed facility that provides indoor and outdoor activities for your dog. As we provide several hours of stimulating activities every morning and afternoon for your canine, we also understand the need to have ample rest time throughout day. Certain times of the day we provide music for entertainment. Depending on both your dog's activity level and temperament, he may enjoy his day by playing with other dogs, playing with people, or just whiling away the hours curled up on somebody's lap.

Our staff is trained to deal with any outbreak of aggression that might arise, and we have a standing agreement with a local veterinarian should an emergency arise.

Where do you feel more comfortable leaving your precious pooch? Where do you feel your dog will be most comfortable and happy? Bring your dog to the Ritz and we know he will want to come back – Ruff Ruff!